Mostly working in mischief, Art Harpy is up for trying anything. Metal, collage, photography, fabric and everything shiny, sparkly or brightly colored...Yup... that's what Art Harpy is working with at the moment. 


The ArtHarpy (you can also call her Rachel Bowen) is an adventurous artist, brilliant actor, funny writer, fearless director, stunning photographer, super mom, loving wife, kick ass friend & general smart ass. 

She started sculpting with her artist mother when she was 3 years old. She carved a head out of a stone block which they had formed by pouring cement into a milk carton. The sculpture sits in a place of honor in her home today. It has a tag that reads ”Not for Sale”.

Since that moment she has been in grand pursuit of this crazy thing we call "art" in all of it's elusive forms. 

In what media does she work? Well, that’s not an easy question to answer…  

“I get hooked on something for a while until I see something else I want to try…so I snatch it up…like the Harpies from Greek mythology.  I work it until I have good grasp on the feeling, materials and process until it evolves into something else. I’m always looking to keep my art like a gust of wind before a storm; moving forward and fresh. ”

The ArtHarpy has worked with a myriad of materials over the years, all of which she loves for one reason or another. She is excited to combine many of those elements into her mysterious collage as well as her rough & tumble metal work. Currently she has a good grasp on textiles, dyes, oils, pastels, acrylics, clay; most recently fine metals and collage.

If you like something you see, get it now...she may not make another one like it. And with her being a kindred spirit to Harpies everywhere, she doesn't give a flying fig if you like that answer or not. 


TPS (Theater Puget Sound)

The Stacy Jones Band

Girls Rock! Seattle

And more....who's identity remain secret to protect the innocent